Roommates share dorm room, not same taste

I sat down with Kathleen Johnston, a first-year exploratory major at the University of Florida, to hear her perspective on roommates matching dorm decor with each other. Some roommates coordinate everything from bedding to what desk lamp they’ll buy, but Johnston says she doesn’t think it’s important to have matching decorations.

For more of Johnston’s take on matching with roommates, here are excerpts from our conversation.

Did you ever talk to your roommate to decide on a color scheme or what decorations you were going to have? 

We didn’t know each other before we were roommates, so I contacted her to get to know her a little better. But we decided to not coordinate because we had most of the things we were going to need for our rooms and had decided what we wanted our side to look like already.

Once you moved in did your roommate have any influence on how you decorated?

Actually yeah, she used scrapbook paper to hang up her pictures, and I was going to do something similar. Then one of my friends told me about Washi tape, and I decided to do that instead.

There are a lot of pictures of dorms where roommates have matched their entire room. Do you ever wish you had coordinated with yours?

Not really. We’re two different people, and I don’t think we ever would have been able to agree on one theme.

For students who will be sharing a dorm room next semester do you think trying to coordinate with a roommate is a good idea?

They should definitely ask their roommate about their plans, but it’s not necessary to design everything around them. Your room is supposed to be reflective of you and what you like.


The left half of the dorm room pictured belongs to Johnston, and the right side is her roommate’s.

This is a perfect example of why you don’t have to coordinate with your future roommate. Both Johnston and her roommate have separate designs, but their room is cute anyway. You may share a room, but you probably won’t have the same taste.


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