Dorm room decor revamped for Fall 2015 semester

Most acceptance letters have been sent, and dorm-shopping season is just about to kick off.

You know what I’m talking about. From one day to the next department stores put out all their dorm necessities and storage containers trying to attract soon-to-be college freshman.

Most years it seems like there is a lot of the same stuff though.

I’ve scoured the Internet and found three unique items you might want to sport in the fall.

1. Scrabble Pillow Covers

Etsy is a great website to find unique, handmade decor that is perfect for your dorm. These pillow covers are really creative, and you could even spell your name out with them.

2. Terry Fan For DENY Reincarnate Duvet Cover

This duvet cover from Urban Outfitters, although cute, can be a little pricey for some people.

3. Hamburger Beanbag Chair

A hamburger beanbag chair might just be the weirdest thing included on this list, but having one might make your room the most popular in the hall.

A new semester is a great time to amp up your decor or start all over from your room in your parents’ house. Just don’t fall into the trap of dorm-shopping season. Take your time finding stuff you really like and can afford, whether that be from a local department store or online.


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