Students try different options to hang pictures in dorm rooms

For most people, going to college means leaving their hometowns. The best way to have friends and family tag along is through pictures.

I’ve had a small collage of my best memories hung up on my wall since move-in day.

I put no thought into how I would put them up, and, now, after seeing that there are so many creative ways to do it, I regret being so hasty.

Here is one of my favorite ideas that I’ve seen.

Printstagram Project No.1

I, like most people nowadays, have my pictures either saved to my laptop, or posted on social media sites. I printed out my pictures at a local CVS, but, as this blogger shared, there’s a company that allows you to print pictures directly from Instagram. An at-home printer can work just as well too.

No matter how you acquire your photos, the next thing you want to consider is how you’ll put them up.

If they are Polaroids, you might want to skip this, but if not Washi tape could be a cute way to create makeshift picture frames. The decorative tape actually serves as a means to hang your pictures on the wall too. There’s an example in the link below.

Washi Tape Wall Art

This next blogger shares the classic, yet popular, clothespin line that many of my friends have used to hang their pictures up.

DIY Clothespin Photo Wall

There are also different arrangements you could try.

DIY Photo Heart

Once you decided exactly how you want our pictures to look, all that’s left is actually executing your vision. Most of the things I’ve mentioned are cheap and easy to do yourself.

Here is one last look that I could never pull off. Good luck trying your favorite.

Our Instax Wall


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