UF students make the most of living in a triple dorm room

So, your dorm assignment comes around and it says the dreaded words: triple. What’s next? My interview with roommates Natalia Fonseca and Cesia Salan, who live in a triple at the University of Florida, reveals the truth.

“I didn’t choose to live in triple. It was random,” said Cesia Salan, first-year Microbiology major.

Most students who end up living in a triple, like Salan, didn’t necessarily put it as their first choice when submitting their room preferences. Dealing with an extra roommate or having less space and privacy are some drawbacks most people don’t want to deal with, but having two roommates isn’t all bad.

“If you hate one, you can talk to the other,” joked Natalia Fonseca, first-year Psychology major.

Let’s say you happen to like both of your roommates, or at least you tolerate them, it can still be particularly challenging to make the space your own when three people are sharing a room.

Fonseca said that she uses vinyl wall decals and pictures to personalize her space in the room.

BEST wall decal

With decorative tape and personal memorabilia on her fridge, Salan has managed to do the same.


Both girls proudly paraded around the room showing off their personal touches. These included Fonseca’s Mason jar flower vases given to her by a friend and Salan’s jewlery organizer near her closet.

flower pots


Living in a triple is probably not ideal for most people, but it is also not the end of the world. If nothing else, it is an experience that you can take with you on move-out day.

For students who will be living in a triple in the future, it’s all about respect for your roommates and personalizing, even in small ways.

“Don’t be afraid to claim your own space,” Fonseca said.

Thank you to Cesia Salan and Natalia Fonseca for letting me invade your space today.

ces & nat


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