New dorm essentials added to college-packing checklist

With my freshman year of college swiftly coming to a close, I thought that I would share a few of the things I learned while living in a dorm. I’ve created a list of dorm room essentials with a little twist.

Below are some examples of the typical college-packing checklist.

University of Florida Move-In Checklist

Seventeen Magazine ‘Your Ultimate College Packing List’

Both of those links have some great and useful items on their lists, but they leave out things that I found to be super important. Here are a few items, in no particular order, that I didn’t think to bring with me and, now, couldn’t live without.

1. Lint Roller

When you wear as much black clothes as I do, lint can be a problem. I spent the first few weeks of college without one and used office tape to do the job. Save yourself the trouble.

2. Reusable Bags

These are particularly helpful if you don’t have a meal plan and are going to do a bit of grocery shopping. Plastic bags break easily, and it’s a struggle to carry several of them back to your dorm when you’re stocking up on groceries. Plus, you can be environmentally friendly by purchasing reusable bags.

3. Full-Length Mirror (that hangs)

I actually did bring a full-length mirror to college with me, but I had to lean it up against the wall because it didn’t hang. The mirror got in the way a lot, and the reflection was distorted because of its position. My roommate, thankfully, ended up getting another one that we hang on the back of our door. Problem solved.

4. Air Fresheners

Dorm rooms are often old, and a few generations of people have most likely lived in yours. With a questionable past and varying degrees of cleanliness, dorm rooms don’t always smell the best. Air fresheners are the best way to ensure your room is always smelling fresh.

Hopefully, these things will better prepare you for your dorm experience because the first few weeks are hectic enough.


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