Fairy lights to be the new “it” thing for dorm decor

This past weekend I made a few changes to my dorm room. My redecorating was spurred on by the new year, although a little late.

In honor of the new tapestry, or more importantly, new lights adorning my wall, I thought I’d share a little bit about an alternative option for lighting that you might not know about.

I personally avoided hanging up lights in my room for the longest time because I thought it was unoriginal and “basic”. At the beginning of last fall when all my friends were stringing up their lights, I just helped with the manual labor.

Then, I went on a trip to New York, and one of the friends that I visited had the cutest lights strung all over their dorm room. The lights were small and looked nothing like the Christmas ones you hang outside your house.

They were fairy lights, also known as pixie lights, and they were on my wish list from that moment on.

Fast forward a few months, and I finally bought my own from Amazon. The lights came with an adapter so they can be plugged in to the wall, but you could get a battery powered version if you prefer. There are also varying lengths and colors available.

pic3 clllose up

If you’re hesitating on getting lights for your dorm, don’t. At least not because you don’t want to follow the crowd.

Fairy lights are much nicer than the blinding overhead lights that are standard in residence halls, and they add a little charm to your dorm room.

There’s a reason why so many people string up lights. I feel like I’m in Twinkle Town when I plug them in, especially at night.


Here are some other cool ideas to help you find something you might want to try in your room.

Origami Garland

Icicle Lights


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